ICE-POPS (Interested Critical Explorers of Privately Owned Public Space) was an open collective of researchers, artists, planners, and urban explorers passionate about the connection between public space and democracy. The collective was formed during Occupy, inspired by the ways in which people all over the country were rethinking the ways we use public spaces in our cities.

As a research task force, we identified and cataloged privately-owned public spaces (POPS), conducted walking tours of these sites, and offered online tools for people to upload their own information – striving to provide resources for groups and individuals across the country to conduct tours and information-sharing sessions that address local needs. We provided an interactive platform for aggregating information from cities throughout the United States, and disseminating that information as widely as possible.

ICE-POPS participated in the American Pavilion’s exhibition Spontaneous Interventions at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Most Recent Projects