I’m Caitlin Gianniny. I’m an artist, writer, and communications strategist.

I specialize in communications for advocacy organizations – leveraging my background in design, education, and neuropsychology to build effective branding and messaging strategies and to improve the ways we share information and stories about important issues like education, healthcare, transportation, racial, economic, and environmental justice.

I offer support in communications strategy, graphic design, branding, web design, and messaging.

Comms Strategy
Graphic Design
Web Design

``I've never worked with someone to create a website that was as talented, creative and smart about communications strategy as Caitlin. The task was to create a website, but the project became the launch of an organization. Neither would have happened without Caitlin.``

Donald Cohen Founder, Fan Alliance & Executive Director, In the Public Interest

“Caitlin took the time to understand our vision and translate that into a simple, visually appealing, and user friendly website. Perhaps most importantly, she engineered all of the related apps, systems, and design features to make them as easy as possible for us to update on our own.”

Lili Ibara (Former) Managing Director, Northeastern University School of Law Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration