The Casera Era

presented at: 2009 Havana Biennial, Punto de Encuentro
Location: Havana, Cuba

The Casera Era, a portable workspace and library, paid homage to the homegrown and the homemade at the 10th Havana Biennial: Integration and Resistance in the Global Era. It was shown in conjunction with a larger installation of tents that housed an incarnation of an ongoing project led by Cuban artist, Kcho, in which artists traveled around the island offering workshops and performances following a series of devastating hurricanes in 2008. Working with some of the most adversely affected communities, they worked to support not only the reconstruction of material damage, but also provide a basis for cultural renewal. Like the bigger tents, the smaller tents represented collaborative art groups whose practices expand art’s social function to integrate culture into life. They housed a small print library as well as an area for informal exchange conversation, skills or a cup of tea.

Represented art spaces and collaboratives:
Canasta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Un Vagon Hermoso, Buratovich, Argentina
Art and Agriculture Greene County, New York
LoCurativo, New York City
France Fiction, Paris, France

Artists on site: Caitlin Gianniny, Cathy Mooses, Jenn Su,  Martyna Szczesna